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Hi again,
I know it's been quite long since I write my last journal,
but I have been quite busy with school.

Well back on track:
I have begun on a new comic i write and draw only by my own hands,
no computers and no copyrights.

But I have some problems like:
I don't have any title.
I don't know what i should write about.
And I don't know if every character I make should be a part of it.

Well the basics is that it is the story about an armless skeleton an his friends, the name of the skeleton is "Skull-Face McHandsfree" and he meets a lot of weird characters like; "Mr. Crowly" a living tentacle(Not perverted), "AZM" (said like a Awesome) a flying burning skull, and "Stacy" the only human like being in my comic (to now).

The character-cards will come later, and the comic I will wait till I have made more of it.

So leave me a comment and answer the questions you can answer.

OK, thanks from

A. K. Salberg.
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Submitted on
January 25, 2011